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Patient Information

Your First Appointment

Thank you for considering Seascape Dental!  We welcome all New Patients and hope you have a comfortable experience with us.

On your first visit to Seascape Dental dental you will be greeted by one of our friendly practice staff who will take details of your dental and medical history, contact information and health insurance fund (if applicable). 

It is important that you disclose any previous or current medical or oral health issues – even if you don’t think they might be relevant. Some medicines or diseases can have an impact on your oral health and can also affect the success of dental treatments.

Your Dentist will discuss your dental and medical history, what your main concerns are and an oral exam will be performed in order to check the soft tissue, gums, teeth and existing restorations, and look for decay. We will take a series of x-rays to get a better look at your entire mouth. This allows your Dentist to see what is happening between your teeth, if there is any decay or signs of gum disease, things that can’t be seen by the naked eye! After reviewing your x-rays we will suggest a complete and comprehensive treatment plan that’s right for you. We address immediate problems and provide recommendations for long-term oral health so small issues today don’t turn into big problems in the future.

For your convenience you can download a copy of our New Patient Medical History forms for Adults & Children Form. 

If you have any previous dental history at another practice and would like your dental records transferred to Seascape Dental, please download and complete the Request for Transfer of Records Form and send it to your previous dentist.

All other Forms can be found by clicking link below -

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